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deci belle

Introduction by Lobsang Lhalungpa

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This quoted from the superb introduction to his The Life of Milarepa translated by Lobsang Lhalungpa.


"…centering around the way of discovering for one's self the unknown secret of the truth. As in any great human endeavor, no real achievement is possible until one meets the challenges the training throws before oneself with openness, humility and determination. An acute awareness must be repeatedly brought to bear on reappraisal of what really is the foundation of lasting happiness for oneself and also for all others. In working toward an aim such as this, one is bound to awaken to one's own inadequacies, thereby bringing life's challenges into focus."


"…may also be considered in terms of the possible development within man of a link between the Buddha-nature and the ordinary deluded mind. The great idea behind this notion of a relationship between the highest and the lowest in human nature, which (we are told) only the greatest masters have realized, is expressed in the Vajrayana as the essential identity of nirvana and samsara: nirvana is the understanding of samsara!" (italics mine).


It is so important to realize, remember and strive to rediscover something of monumental importance hidden as a most open secret, the wonder of our miraculous innate human nature.


I urge those so disposed to abandon habitual relationships with people, things, ideas and mental constructs in hopes of actually rediscovering this recondite capacity of mind for oneself.




ed note: add second paragraph ending with "(italics mine)".

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