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Hey all nice to meet everyone. I'm learning tai chi chuan and been using chi for a long time and really didn't know I was. I learned it from a video 8 9 years ago. I just thought it was extra Oxygen getting to my brain that helped me get roof of my head aches. I couldn't understand what was happening when my body started awaking. Now that I've been studying yang tai chi chuan and chi kung I finally understand. My teacher in tai chi had helped with some of the meditation process but he's only studied Tai chi. So I'm learning everything else from books and asking him about things and some he knows buy his master. But some he don't and there's not an instructor for 50 miles if anyone can help me alonghere and there our some advice would be nice. I've learned microcosmic orbit I'm still working on letting my mind flow with the chi with out having to visualize it allot and focus my mind and breathing together, inner smile got that one especially when I use the six healing sounds. I think it's cause I relax allot more when I'm doing the sounds. And one my master taught me while doing tai chi he discounted it as a hurricane spinning the outer Cayious and finding my way into the inner piece through the movements. And then keeping it to relax that much more and feeLing the chi run through it's channels. The healing sounds and the last one is more of my favorites cause just the feeling of it it's completely calming feeling it flute through my body like water in a river but energizing like en electrical currents that's just been charged and ready to go. But anyways I'm gonna but the toas inner light of healing. awakening the chi. The one I'm reading is chi kung iron short. And mantak chia tai chi fake jing. I know there father along thanI am but I've learned afoot of the basics from them. I'm waiting to get the first book awaking chi. but yeah anyone who can give me some pointers. Out some student exercises would be Great thanks all

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