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Marks of Glory

Piercing the Granthis

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In some texts, especially the "MAHANIRVANA TANTRA; SHATCHAKRA-BHEDA" or the piercing of the six chakras, the pircing of some chakras and granthis "knots" are associated with some disorders,but they do not mention what disorders they might be...


the following is an excerpt of the text, following a link to the complete text.


"When the Devi reaches the manipura chakra all that is in the chakra merges in Her body. The Varuna vija "vang" is dissolved in fire, which remains in the body of the Devi as the Vija "rang." This chakra is called the Brahma-granthi (or knot of Brahma). The piercing of this chakra may involve considerable pain, physical disorder, and even disease. "


Any one has any ideia of what ilnessess and pain is associated here::

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