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Looking out the window seeing the green earth while focused on the storm filled sky. Almost like the hell on earth under the once blue sky will ascend into the heavens? Its at this time that I think of the some the things I learned, read, and experienced.


Some people talk about different dimensions and things like that and I wonder about it. To me it just seems that as your awareness expands that your just seeing and feeling different aspects of the same radiation as before as your own personal bandwidth is increased. Let me explain, for me it is more of everything in the universe has its own vibration,light, heat, sound, by it having this it thus has an expression and information. That once exposed to this radiation we can pick and absorbed some of it because we have a part of the original energy that is in us that reflects that radiation that broadcast from the source. meaning that once you start to expand your bandwidth that you might see sound as light and feel light as vibrations but understand that this is just different parts of the same original radiation. So its at times like this that I wonder that just by being on different parts of the earth does the radiation hit us differently thus making different races of man which receive and absorb different aspects of radiation and light info that makes up the different ethnocentric views and points. It is only because that we have a piece of that original energy in us that lets us absorb and feel the manifestations or radioactivity of the source. Meaning that when you start to ascend and you see that everything is connected understand that is the same energy you yourself absorbed and if you continue to ascend you will see different aspects of it and think that it is different dimensions. But thats just a thought.


Ive seen threads about real temple style and non real Temple style. My thought about this is well only Master Waysun Liao can say what is real and what is not for he is the Master of the school. I can say this that the real condensing breathing works with the sun and moon breathing and that real condensing breathing is acutally a circulation let me explain.


1.) Stand in preparation stance

2.) Inhale (reverse breathing) and bring in the sunlight into the bones but at the same time radiate it back out.

3.) Exhale now let out the sunlight while bringing it in.

4.) repeat steps 1-3


Do this with the moonlight as well.


Now what is suppose to happen when you do this correctly is that the sun and moon will take over the circulation and you will be breathing with it..... What this feels once you get it and you are able to maintian it. Is that with each breath you will feel multiple exchanges of energy with the sun and or moon with each breath and you will be able to speed up or slow down the exchange of energy. When you can do this you will radiate with moon or sun chi. The first time i did this in public i was at the park and the park was packed that day and when i did this I started to attract some attention because it just feels like the sun is shining right on you and people can see it and feel it.


This is the real condensing breathing it tonifys yin and yang chi builds a connection to the sun and moon while buliding inner power and this is on no dvd you must learn this from a real Taichi Temple instructor. A real Master from the Temple Style can radiate with power and this is a circulation that will open or become natural at some point ;)

A real Taichi master can breath with the sun and moon... To radiate with pure virtue and to do ward off push and pull with the tao itself and to return your power to the source of all power is beyond such things as jing.


Speaking of jing i remember i remember one time i seen a dark spirit in my house and I thought to remove it so i made 3 jing balls. First i made a taichi ball and i increased the power and density of it by putting more waves of power into it. Once it was strong enough i lowered my arms and let the ball remain in its place and then i made 2 more. Once all 3 were made i released 1 after another of the evil spirit until it left(and yes such things are possible). You see it is quite one thing to talk of inner power but its quite another to have and have had it and have been thru some stuff with it but all of that comes in time.


At some point in your cultivation you will have visions of places people and or future events. Everyone knows this but what some poeple dont know is that depending on the strength of your water or magentic chi you will start to have visions while doing anything in a very lucid way almost like you are existing in 2 different realities at once well this happened to me. i was driving in my car on the free way no less and i felt and saw myself leave my body and all of a sudden i was in ancient china in a man's living room. He seemed not to be startled of who I was(which was a shocker to me). We started to talk and he asked me where i was from and i said 2009 and he said,"oh your from the age of the anti tao". I was like excuse me? He said a subtle network of energy that starts on earth and will expand into space that will accompany the antichrist that he will be able to access". The conversation went on and we started to talk on other things i tired to tell him about tv and I couldnt at first. I tried to tell him that there are machines that can record this momment and play it back like on a crystal ball. i was doing the best that i could but it was his response that shocked me. he said "This is for entertainment only?" and i said yes it is mostly for entertainment. And he said, "No look at me they never stopped developing that tech" he told me 3 things that they will be able to do with it either now or in the near future. He also told me that the fact that they can broadcast energy is much more dangerous than any fire power that they might have and not to be so naive about things and that people are way to trusting with such things. The vision ended and that part of me returned to me. As i continued my drive I felt like all of nature was calling out to me like i was aware of something that most was not.


It was around this time that i was thinking about going to Japan for a little bit for this was a kind of a rough time for me and he gave me good advice to not to go to japan ;) and to stay here and help those that I could.


Once you have the jing you will be able to do things that would be considered advance techniques. Try this make a taichi ball but with jing now imagine that your putting some of your awareness into the center of the ball close your eyes and have the ball leave yo and sense to see if you can still are able to sense and feel whats inside of the ball or what the ball feels. Then have it return to you. Your internal power is an extension of your mind and will become so as your inner power increases.


Thinking about some of these things that i know and experienced and I look thru my window on to here and I wonder. Why is the wind so ferocious for it is wind chi that balances yang and yin chi. for it is the force inbetween for it is thus that the wind has the airy concept of fire and the watery aspects of water. Its almost like there is an imbalance in the wind that lets for inproper interaction between heaven and earth causes further problems. Almost like a problem in exhaling and the rain subsides the imbalance mmmm.. i wonder.

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