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Taken from The Taoist I Ching (Commentary by Liu Yiming)

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For years I had thought they were primitives and for a long time I considered their wisdom useless. It was because of a very good friend of mine that I got to learn more about them, I suddenly felt amazingly stupid when I got to learn more and more about them. And then I gradually started respecting them, every passing day I was in awe as to what they had written. Today I can very easily say that all I know about good, life, justice, harmony and peace I owe it to them. I owe it to my Ancestors, I owe it to my Ancestors...


Here is a quote from Cleary's I Ching to illustrate how foolish I was and how their wisdom was the only thing that helped me in dark times...


"This is like a king coming to have a shrine for spirits. Ancestors are people's roots; if they forget their roots, people are disrespectful and inhuman. When the king comes to have a shrine for spirits, this is how to let people know there is a basis to be grateful to. People's original natural reality is like their ancestral roots: When people abandon reality and accept falsehood, that is like forgetting ancestral roots. If people can gather in their spirit and energy, cultivate essence and life, and restore the original natural reality, that is like not forgetting ancestral roots."


I hope my country (India) and China should learn more from what was handed down to us and not from what is handed across in these degenerate times. Peace

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