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The Book of Aquarius

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This is a book that I am taking a strong leap of faith in, it claims to be THE manual on how to make the Elixir of Life ie the Philosophers Stone which can be used as an infinite source of energy and as an item to de age the body to the effect that you could basically live for as long as you choose. Alchemy, ie the transmutation of the coarse into the finer, applies to living matter like us, and is nothing more than super condensed chi energy. Humans have the gift of reason and thought and consciousness, therefore it seems reasonable to me that the universe would have an inbuilt mechanism with which to give its paragons of creation, ie sentient beings, the ability to live for however long as they chose fit to work out their karma and expand their art, so to speak. The book is free online just yahoo search it (I would suggest against googleing, for reasons obvious to most of us) and i highly encourage everyone to read it .if anything, it is an interesting read.

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