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Jade Emperor Palace

Jade Emperor Palace/ 玉皇宫

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On the 7th and 8th day of Chinese New Year, Jade Emperor Palace will hold a birthday ceremony for the Emperor every year. This year was no different. It was held in Taman Suntex, Cheras, Malaysia.


One of the auspicious events was receiving blessing from the Jade Emperor and The Queen themselves.



This is where all students of the temple pay respects to the Jade Emperor and the Queen.



Blessing were given to all inclusive of the Special Children. Biscuits and Red-Packets were given as a form of blessing from them.



Birthday ceremony was held @Taman Suntex, Cheras, Malaysia.



For full pictures of the event,

please visit us


For early information, we will distribute DVD that records the whole ceremony on the 7th and 8th day.

If you wish to purchase the DVD, please drop me a message.

Price: MYR20 per DVD.


The price is just enough to cover our cost in hiring the recording personnel and to produce these DVD sets.

Who knows, we may include a 平安符(a safe-wellbeing talisman) for you to keep in your wallets or bags.

The usage is to help avoid bad events such as road accidents and accidental deaths, as well as to eliminate bad people around you.


The higher the demand for the DVD, the cheaper the cost per DVD can be.

So please support us!!


Another significant event was the crossing of the blade bridge, which represents the 18 levels of HELL.


The knife bridge is a Maoshan magic arts law, in Malaysia there were few temples which have carried out the activity. When a person makes a misdemeanor in the human world, he is to accept all sorts of suffering in HELL. This includes the Mountain of Sword, Sea of Fire, Knife Bridge and so on.



But in this year's ceremony, we used the knife bridge. It is a structure of 18 knives. It is believed that once crossed, all sins on earth will be washed away. Thus, no suffering in HELL.


Do you dare to cross?


I have also included a short clip where Master Lee and a few students crossed the bridge on the night of the 6th day of Chinese New Year, just to have a feel of the knife. Let's watch.



With sincerity,


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