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Tantric sex - Varieties

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Greetings... I will here share some information that i have gathered these days....


on the "kundalini tantra" book by Swami Satyananda - Chapter 14... it is said that the woman should maintain her atention on the Muladhara chakra whilst on orgasm.. and shewill manage to prolongue the orgasm as long as she hold her attention to that point...


The male should practive bahir kumbhaka (outer retention) + uddiyaji bandha + Moola bandha + vajroli mudra and rise the energy up to his Bindu (back of head, behind Ajna chakra)

especifically the vajroli mudra will enable the man to "suck in" the energy from the female orgasm and transmute it to higher centers.


till now no problem....


now I will mention what I read on Sir John Woodroffe's "The serpent Power".... He mentions that there are Yoguins that have the capacity of withdrawing / sucking in energy from the women during sexual intercourse... but that this practice actually drains up the womans vitality....


so... maybe this is not very good for the woman, therefor not worth practicind (for ethical / spiritual people, not for the wanna - be shaman)


anyone want's to add any info.. on diferen varieties of practices, or some info on what I have said??



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