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microcosmic circulation varieties

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I have been folowing Swami Satyananda`s book "A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya", in some time I will complete the second part "advanced techniques" and start the "Kriya Yoga" section... but all the Kriyas, except one of them perform the microcosmic circulation on a kind of strange manner... going upwards through the conception vessel, and down the Governing vessel...


I have heard something about this type of circulation = the "Wind Orbit and used to cool down...


But I think that I will maintain the normal circuit; Up the spine, and down the conception vesssel that one is classical and more trustfull... I don't know.. anyone knows anything about ir???


Here is a link for the virtual version of the book with Kriyas...


In one of the Books... Swami Satyananda says something about a poisonous secretion that is secreted, very close to the lalana chakra nectar gland (at the back of the soft palate) and the necessity of activating Bindu with the Lalana to neutralize the poison.


Swami Sivananda uses the ordinary microcosmic orbit to activate kundalini...


Any info will help alot!!! thnks.

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