Request For Taoist Mantras Associated With The Trigrams

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I know that each trigram has an associated direction, time, color, and among other things, Mantra. These mantras are used to gather their trigrams' energy. I first came across this practice with J.A. Johnson's Taoist hand seal book, some years ago but the preliminary work took a while without a teacher and I put it aside. Now that I am ready to start it seems Johnson did not include the mantras. From what I have come across the mantras are standardized just like the colors and directions, so I am hoping someone here has run across them or knows of a place to look.


Failing that, I am mostly sure that I could reconstruct a workable mantra. In theory at least, the mantra involves profound insight in verbal form, the utterance of which engages the mind, as the hand seal does the body, and the visualization does the spirit.

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