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Guest throddy

Would anyone be interested in purchasing copies of the following:


Twenty-five doors to meditation. By William Bodri &...


Grass Mountain. (Translation of a week's retreat with Master Nan)


Bodyflow, by Scott Sonnon (book).


Tao & Longevity - Master Nan


Working towards Enlightenment - Master Nan


Not trying to start or continue any discussion about their value. Suffice it to say that I've got everything out of them that I can at my current stage of ignorance, and thought it would be nice to offer them up to the people before I go offline for 2005.


Any reasonable offer accepted. I understand that the first two are quite rare. Would prefer to ship the lot together rather than split.


Bear in mind, under "reasonable", that if you're in the US the dollar is currently worth very little in pounds sterling, and that it'll likely be twenty bucks for airmail postage if you want them anytime soon.


Incidentally, I have heaps of other esoteric books I'd like to see the back of, but I'm buggered if I'm going to list them all. If there's anything you can't find give me a try.



Over to you. Merry bastard christmas to the lot of you.


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