Master Yang - An Unexpected Encounter

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Hi to All,

Would just like to verify what I've just read about Master Yang. I had the unexpected pleasure of a meeting with him at the Brisbane MBS Festival this last weekend, attending a free 'Chi Transmission' demonstration. A group of people gathered, and from a distance of 100m Master Yang with two fingers pointing in our direction transmitted the chi. Firstly he asked us to raise our hands, palms open for the Meridians to be opened, then after a minute or so arms to the side, where after the count of three, Chi was 'dropped down '

I couldn't believe the immediate results-from the top of the head to the tip of the toes my body became warm, tingling through out. It felt like a waterfall from above gently moving throughout my body, all pain disappeared. I slept like a baby and the feelings are still with me, can't stop smiling inside and out!

Never have I felt energy like this, I agree, a true gift from Heaven, as Master Yang is, always smiling & sharing this with all of us-humble & happy!

Check out the website

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