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thanks rainbow_vein for your thread. I found some other sites and information also, but they all talk about the external/internal practices and not the spirit based encounters of 'ancestor worship' that I encountered in the far east. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of information out there about the spirit based practices of the Daoist shaman, apart from the site I mentioned My link where the Holyman is definitely practicing as a true shaman and is saying some scary stuff about the future. Has anyone else seen this site or know anything about it or the practicing Shaman, Flowing Hands?

My thoughts were; he's obviously not saying what he says for money nor for fame, unlike our Californian Christian preacher who predicted the end of the world and got it wrong, thank goodness!! There is no way of contacting him or can we see what he looks like properly. Lets hope this chap is wrong also!!!? I saw a piece about some Taoist Holyman who had conned many people out of money etc and then used tricks to fool thousands of people into believing in him before he was found out!

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