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Is Wu Dang the best Qi gong?

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Going straight to the source, it seems, is the way to get the "real deal" on something.


There is so many forms of Chi Kung I have been researching. But, as for finding one I can comfortably make my own, perfect and teach, it seems Im always still looking. I find that the Wu dang methods are incredible in getting chi to flow. Therefore I am looking to study those methods most happily. I just finished practcing, for my first time, the Wu Dang "Tai Chi Chi Kung 18 form" movements, the first one of 2 parts.


Wu dang tai chi is the original, wu dang wu dang wu dang...its like Democracts Vs Republicans.


Then there is Wu dang--above it all!


I can see all the medical docs in America practicing and teaching Wu dang methods one day. They will, says Master Tseng in a recent email he sent me.


Peace out bums!

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