Nei-Yeh, Chapter 14

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The Way fills the entire world.

It is everywhere tht people are,

But people are unable to understand this.

When you are released by this one word:

You reach up to the heavens above;

You stretch down to the earth below;

You pervade the nine inhabited regions.

What does it mean to be released by it?

The answer resides in the calmness of the mind.

When your mind is well-ordered, your senses are well-ordered.

When your mind is calm, your senses are calmed.

What makes them well-ordered is the mind;

What makes them calm is the mind.

By means of the mind you store the mind;

Within the mind there is yet another mind.

That mind within the mind: it is an awareness that precedes words.

Only after there is awareness does it take shape;

Only after it takes shape is there a word.

Only after there is a word is it implemented;

Only after it is implemented is there order.

Without order, you will always be chaotic.

If chaotic, you die.



TRANSLATION, 2005 - Shazi Daoren




Dao fills all under heaven.

It exists everywhere that people are,

but people are unable to understand this.

One word explains it,

ascending to reach the sky,

descending to the limits of earth,

replete throughout the nine provinces.

How can I speak or explain it?

It exists in the calm Heart;

what calms them is the Heart.

The Heart is used to harbor the Heart.

At the center of the Heart is another Heart;

the Heart within the Heart.

For awareness precedes words,

awareness then leads to formed reality,

formed reality then leads to words,

words then lead to action,

action then leads to order.

To not be ordered invariably leads to disorder.

Disorder leads to death.

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What jumps out at me is that we are released by one word.


It doesn't specifically say what that one Word is, but the word that releases me is the "Way". This infers that the dynamics are already in play before the thoughts even form within us. If we stay calm, stay ordered, stay in a state of Oneness with everything, the Way comes to us. The perfect action is always taken if the alignment is allowed to occur before the action is taken.


I love the concept of the heart within the heart too. The outer heart is a heart of delayed response; it feels what it has been conditioned to feel. The inner heart is pure Love. The love radiates on its own and doesn't require a situation, like the outer heart, to make its presence known. It's always there and it's always Loving. Perhaps it could be said that it's the pony that awaits under the pile of manure. :lol:

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