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A Raw Diet?

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A Raw Diet?

I am thinking of going on it for Spiritual and Health reasons.

A 30 day trial would be sufficient.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you!


I can almost guarantee you wont regret it. For me personally it was a discovery of a long lost part of myself, the biggest issues are usually the social aspects, and the fear. Personally I've found while on a raw food diet I'm more in touch with my body and it also raises awareness, not just bodily awareness, but like, "shen" awareness, like you become alot more sensitive to stuff. This is more pronounced during fasting, but if you do a raw diet long enough you eventually run into the emotional detox similar to Yigong/kunlun which is pretty fun.


Suggestions? Listen to your body. I'm pretty sure raw foods is about raising your awareness, cutting out the sedative effect that food usually has, breaking the bonds of emotionally eating and giving up attachments to "comfort food". Use this new awareness to learn more about yourself.


If you're trying to think nutrition I'd suggest green smoothies an sprouts be your staples. Sprouts alone can provide the full nutritional profile of everything you (think you) need. Other than that, play around see what works and what doesn't, see how you feel and again, listen to your body. It's a fun experiment, I hope you enjoy it :D


Oh and one common issue some people tend to have is bloating and indigestion due to some plant fibers. With fruits, make sure they're ripe, with vegetables, stick more to the leafy greens and juice the rest. If you still have bloating or anything an enzyme supplement will take care of it.


Have Fun!


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