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Machin Shin

Kun'lun and Longchen Nying thig

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Let's try this again


In Thimphu Bhutan there is a golf coarse.


Longchen Nying thig "Inner Most Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse"has anybody done any work on this besides me?


The lineage is as follows Kuntuzangpo reavealed to Dorje Simba to Garab Dorje to Manjushrimitra to Shri Singha to Jnanasutra to Vimalamitra


Garab Dorje is a Wisdom Deity that the Buddha Shakyamuni blessed. Garab Dorje was born through miraculous methods similar to Jesus Christ. His mother conceived him with out a father.


The teaching is then passed down through the three yogi's who spent some time in charnel grounds. The history of the lineage states that as Jnanasutra started to transfer his mind to a pure land Vimalamitra had quite an attachment to him and would not let him go completely. Jnanasutra manifested a jeweled casket said to contain 84,000 verses called the Four Methods of Contemplation.


By the time of Vimalamitra which is 7th century CE Padmasambhava had been born and two adventures were sent out from King Trisong's court to find Vimalmitra.


Kawa Paltsek and Chokro Luyi Gyaltsen were two crazy guys along time ago in a kingdom long dead.


Seriously a trip to thimbphu for some Golf would be fun! Round trip tickets from LAX start at $1400. Expenses and all would be about $3000.00 per person.

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