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Let's say one does have to ejaculate, what is the best way to do so ensuring that there is minimal energy loss?

A certain time of day? Without feeling, or with maximal feeling? Attention to the heart, etc?


I'd like to know of some of the ways a person can ensure that there is minimal energy loss both before, during and after ejaculation.


ie, to drink much water afterwards, or eat a hearty meal with lots of fats, or carbs, or protein. Or skip the meal and just meditate, do qigong, or standing meditation or if not some time after. Go outside and get the yin energy from the moon. Drink yin tonifying teas right after, or if not sometime after.




I know the whole "keeping your heart open" is probably good.. if you're alone though can that really be so easy? Ie with a partner that can provide support, a person who is alone does not have a partner so where/how does he focus attention?

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