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Upper cervicle

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Anyone have ideas on working to heal the Atlas/Axis area? I tried moving it in figure 8's and it seems to be more messed up now! I was talking to a chiropracter who specializes in "upper cervical" but would rather take care of my own spine, thank you! But perhaps I should pay him a visit, considering that he is down with the hole tai chi thing and such...he was confessing to me about how he feels a little silly having gone to medical school.


Also I know of a chiropracter who owns the local yoga studio, that would be someone I should talk to also?! What is yall'z experience with average vs. eastern-knowledgabel chiropracters? One of them I went to was also an accupuncurist and she was cool pretty cool.


Well anyways, I just layed my back on a tennis ball and gave it a nice massage, whose idea was that by the way? Its very smart! I looked up on ebay massagers and found some shiatsu chairs, lol! I will have to try and convince the parents they should buy one for their health!


You know its rather interesting how they named the atlas as such, atlas was a very important greek god comdemned to hold up heaven and earth, father of hermes stuff...

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