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Hi my name is Joe.


I can't make sense of the word Taoist, but all these practices which get stuck under its name seem kind of interesting.


I've reached an interlude between Tao and Te (Ch. 37/38) in the version of the old man's book which I'm working on. I hope for it to be simple, and more naturally accessible than other versions I've read, staying as true to the original structure as English grammar allows.


I want to show what I've got so far to The Bums (first!) to get your informed impressions, opinions and advice, and to bump ideas together with everyone.


I got a blog too which I need to get back to at - and my introduction to what I think Taoism means is the first post (stickied). Love to know what any of you think and of course I will post my version of the Tao Te Ching here soon! :)

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