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Flying Phoenix - Physical Limitations

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Sifu Terry,

I am helping my wife learn the Flying Phoenix basic 5 standing.

She has the first one well in hand. However she slammed here foot into

a door bare foot and really messed the 3 last toes.


Standing for any time is painful. I suggested she sit and do the first exercise

so at least keep the energy moving that she has developed over the past 4 weeks

of doing it.

Good idea or not?


The next issue is she is not a martial artist and has limited range in her hips at this time.

Doing the 2nd one, she can not do a double shoulder wide stance and she can not go very deep.


In time that will improve I am sure.


I am assuming that working within the limitations will not reduce it's effectiveness.


As I understand it it is not the posture being 100% perfect as much as the breathing be 100% correct.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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