Kali Yuga

Union of Heart and Earth?

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A few nights ago while meditating to try and heal myself ( I had diarrhea) i decided to splinter off a part of my meditation for that night into trying a technique that i had learned years ago from a book called the Silva Mind Control Method (my first taste of meditational technology)..


Basically the technique is to lower your brain wave frequency.. then using a deeper aspect of your mind, summoning a guide from within yourself. Just taking a backseat and letting your imagination create the answers that you seek.


The thing is that after fooling around with a lot of things in my life but finding no satisfaction in them (booze, drugs, women etc) I have tired of them, and of wasting my energy on useless things. I feel that I am ready for a new aspect of my life to emerge and desire to devote myself purely to internal alchemy and to become something more, in a spiritual and energetic sense.


I mean, i practice a form of tenaga dalam which is absolutely awesome, but our master is hardly ever in the country and i feel that I need a teacher who will be there more often for me so i can make more progress and show me deeper aspects of training, of which deep internal alchemy i am most interested.


Which is why when I practiced the technique the following scene emerged:


I was on the steps of a monastery, guarded by two monks. They finally opened the doors and I saw before me (to my curiosity) an owl, swaddled in monk's robes (definitely reminds me of the old cartoon series Mighty Max, which also had a bit of esotericism). I conversed with him and after learning his name he told me that "the first step I must take is to unify the heart with the earth". I ask him how do I do this and why, and he stares at me blankly as if either I was stupid, or just merely dumb. And this was the end of that.


This is an archetype at work. However, I am not sure if I should trust this or not, or even what to make of it. As far as I know, earth energy is often quite contaminated and to unify my heart with it would mean to pollute my heart chakra.


I am just wondering if any of you could provide insight into any of this.

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