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Heny Wang


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From Indonesia but now living in Melbourne, so my english grammar kind of a mess...

Just join the forum^^ hope to learn more about taoism and the practice

especially about the energy...

kind of feel energy flowing on my backbone or sometimes on my other organ nowdays...

Not sure how it happened...

i guess no backing up now... i need learn how to control it, esp my mind...

looking guidance from all^^

thank you...

nice to meet all of you :)))

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Hello Heny:

If you're already feeling some energy flowing up your spine, it sounds like you're already doing part of the microcosmic orbit. This is where the energy flows up the back of the body along the spine to the top of the head, then down the front to your groin area. From there, it just repeats, going back up to the top of the head and down to the groin, etc.

This circulation of energy is frequently done standing, with the knees slightly bent and the hands held in front of the chest, tips of the fingers not touching, sort of like hugging a tree. The hands can be held lower down over the belly if that is more confortable. I tend to inhale as I bring the energy up my back and exhale down, but the reverse is also ok. Try standing 3-5 minutes and working up to 20 minutes a day.

If nothing much is happening, just bring your awareness to your groin, then move your awareness slowly up your back to your head while inhaling, then down the front with exhaling. Once you get it going, it may feel like a wave of tingling, buzzing, or warmth moving in this oval shape up and down your body.

This helps to loosen up and strength3n your body energy, as this pattern follows the governing and conception channels of your meridians. These are supposed to be reservoirs to help store energy, so this is usually the first place that people work on.

Good luck,


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