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Hello, I've found this forum via Trunk's very interesting site on alchemical Taoism and have decided to come out of lurking to participate in some discussions if I have something of value to contribute smile.gif



I am relatively new on the Taoist path and still have much to learn and experience. I did some yoga a few years ago and liked the physical postures, but somehow the spiritual path was not for me - too much shrouded in secrecy.

Following some advice given on this board I checked out SFQ and I have found the simplicity and general vibe of Spring Forest Qigong very appealing!


I am also interested and do some practices from the healing Tao, separate from SFQ. Some of these practices I feel need to be molded into a form compatible with me first and that takes time. I'd also like to add some stillness meditation into the mix.


There are many knowledgeable and compassionate beings posting here and I am thankful for the open and undogmatic discussions I have read.




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