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Joe Rogan on breathing

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Sleeping "I have to have eight hours of sleep. I can go on six hours for one night, but then I have to have eight. Sleep is huge. I go from one show to another, but I find a way to get enough sleep. They have to move the call time, they have to do something, because I have to have sleep. You have to give your body a chance to recharge."

Isolation tank "I have a Samadhi isolation tank heated to 93.5 degrees. It's soundproof and completely dark, and I go in there for a couple of hours at a time, You don't realize how much stress you carry around in your muscles and tissue until you lie in this completely buoyant environment. After about 15 minutes, you stop feeling where the water is and where the air is. It's like floating in space. I come out completely energized."


Yoga "The first time I ever took a yoga class, they couldn't believe I'd never taken one before because I'm so flexible. My girlfriend's a yoga fiend, and she got me into it. I thought it was going to be silly, but it's a great workout."


Breathing "From jujitsu and yoga I've learned to focus on my breathing when I'm stretching. The key is taking in a deep, long breath, then pushing it out long and slow. When you control your breath, you control your heart rate. Being conscious of your breath helps when you're nervous or stressed. Breathing is such a huge part of life and the proper functioning of your body, but most people don't think about breathing. They just let it happen."

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