The Secrets of Dragon Gate: Ancient Taoist Secrets for Health, Wealth and Happiness

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I wonder if this book going to be about the lineage of Wang Liping?


any way is still long way for publishing



Interesting Magia, Not sure if this is the same Stephen Liu ?


About Dr. Steve Liu


Steve Liu was born in a chinese traditional medical family. He is a Dragon Gate Lineal Descendant of Five Taoist Arts. He was educated in Chinese Medical University in Hubei Province in China.


Dr. Steve Liu has been studying five Taoist Arts since he was young. Dr. Steve Liu is specialized in Mountain(Chigong practice), Healing, Celestial Divination, Meta-morphology and Pooh Divination(Fengshui)in order to solve people's physical, metality and life problems. He will help you to realize your past, present and future ,give guideness to remove obstacles for well being. For many years, Dr. Steve Liu has been successfully helping many people, business companies including famous entrepreneurs and Hollywood Celebrities.


Dr Lius Homepage


Nice to see other Dragon Gate Sects out there teaching.

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