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The madness, fragility and passion of human discovery

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I thought this was a very fascinating documentary. In the beginning it touches on alchemy, which I thought would be interesting for at least some people here. I think there is a lot to this story, if you can read between the lines. What it all took to discover and how great intellect often exists on the boundary of madness. I find that very interesting and relevant to spirituality. Watch how some people's ideas changed over time and what it took. Another thing that I find incredible is how hard people struggled against the unknown when it seemed like nothing would come of it. It's almost madness, or maybe it really is madness to look for something you really don't have any obviously rational reason to look for. Some of these reasons appeared later, but often at the time of the initial discovery, many leaps seem crazy and improbable.


I have to admit that some time ago I would find all this completely at odds with spirituality. But I no longer see any contradictions. This is just one dream out of many possible dreams, as far as I am concerned.

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