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Hi all, Here is a heads up for a Fictional Novel written by some friends who call themselves Derelict Koan.


I personally really enjoyed this read, but will probably struggle to give it a genre. It's Kind of like a mix of Grail Quest mythology, the Matrix (and other virtual reality sci-fi), the struggle between pessimist Gnostic and positive Gnostic views, Greek Myth and Taoist overtones with a dash of Philip k Dick.




I got to proof read it several years ago, and was worried, as I don't really like giving honest reviews to close friends about their art. Fortunately I found the read quite riveting.


They have put a Huge amount of work into the book and the website gives a lot of support material. (obviously this is also where you purchase it :o )


Plus you'll get the Street Cred of having read it 'years ago' when it inevitably becomes a best seller! heheh B)

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