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Leary's 8- Circuits

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I just read Antero Alli's THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Bodyand was really blown away! I just gave it a quick read through once but really likes how it combines 'internal martial arts' with more western 'ritual magick' type stuff... Also likes how it really fleshed out some of the distinctions from the earlier work on the topic by RObert Anton Wilson's PROMETHEUS RISING(which is one of my favorite books by the way... i bought like 5 copies and gave them out as Xmas


I definitely gots to pick up the earlier ANGEL TECH and ill be sure to peep some of his other stuff...


Reading about how all the circuits interact, and just the system of classification itself really helped me make sense of the world/people/experiences i've had... like i can see that most behavior of people is Circuit 2, and trying to understand from Circuit 3 can be very frustrating... It also seems to tie into chakras and whatnot.


anyway, good book... anyone else familiar with the theory? How does in tie in with ur practice?

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