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dao zhen

Heaven & Earth Qigong

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Become one with Heaven & Earth......

We cultivate the Healing Energy of Earth....

We cultivate the Healing Energy of Heaven.

We become one with Heaven & Earth.....

~This set is composed of three aspects~

1. Opening with Standing Meditation.

2. Middle section of movement -
Gathering Heaven and Earthly Energy and merging and harmonizing with Heaven and Earth....

3. Closing with standing meditation; then a gathering of Qi in the Lower Dantian.

Please note that in actual practice, please perform this entire set for 45 min to 90 min.

Standing - 5-15 min

Motion - 15-30 min

Standing (closing) - 5-15 min

The combination of Stillness and Motion create a very balanced and healthy combination of energy and are important.

When in the standing posture, please begin with a connection from the soles of the feet to the earth; feel as if slight roots connect the feet to the earth - Please do not imagine, or visualize.

Then begin to connect the crown of the head with the sky above - feel as if the crown is connected with a slight string pulling from above.

Allow the spine to elongate...

Let the teeth lightly touch, mouth closed, tongue connecting to the upper pallet, breathing in and out gently from the nose.

Allow the 'inner vision' to connect to the Lower Dantian.

The Lower Dantian (Tan Tien) is located in the empty space below the navel in the middle place between the kidney and navel -- a sphere of around 3.8 cm.

Let the inner vision gaze upon that place.

As you gaze, have a very nurturing or caring intention.

Do not gaze internally with force, tension, or strength - this will cause trouble internally -

Let golden virtue begin to grow within, releasing all negative qualities and deeply relaxing the body.

Deeply relax, and let all things drop away naturally....

While standing, draw the in breath deeply to the lower Dantian, counting 1/2/3/4, then pause and exhale from the lower Dantian, counting 1/2/3/4...

Allow the inhalation and exhalation to be balanced and in harmony...

It is important to gain a complete balance and union of the inhalation and exhalation...

After some time, forget the breathing.

Continue standing.....

Allow yourself to become one with the surrounding nature.

Let virtue fill your heart, and gain union with all of heaven and earth as you stand.

Breathe Deeply....

After some time of silent standing, then begin to enter the movement phase of the practice.

During the movement practice, let the movements flow from one to another.....

As you come down, allow all the Healing Force of Nature and the Universe shower down.....

After each round of movement, allow the 'inside' to feel more and more clean.....

Become more and more Pure.....

After some time of the movement practice, allow yourself to go back to silent standing meditation.

Then after the standing, perform the closing and gathering of Qi for some time.

After this, when it feels that all has settled and returned to the Lower Dantian, please rub the face with the palms, comb the fingers through the hair to stimulate the scalp, and gently pat the body to help make the transition from the deep meditation to walking.

~A note on breathing~

Do not hold the breath when doing these exercises.

Breath deeply and full and draw the inhalation and exhalation from the Dan Tian or lower abdomen.

Inhale and exhale from the nose.

During the movement practice, generally you can inhale as you rise up, and exahale as you bend down - generally.

Let it all be natural...

When you practice, please feel a connection from the feet to the earth, as if rooted. Please also feel a connection from the crown of the head to the sky, as if suspended by a string.

Be sure to let the tongue touch the hard pallet of the mouth, and the teeth are lightly closed.

Breath in and out gently through the nose.

~A note on closing at the end of the exercise~

Allow a feeling of all things settling in to the Lower Dantian and feel very grounded and centered.

Let all things return to and settle to the Lower Dantian.

Then just stand for some time, and let all become harmony, and do not think or focus to anything.

You may massage the face, and gently pat the body before moving on after finishing the exercise...

Let the Heart be pure and clean during all practice.....

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