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Hey Guys, not sure how you feel about stuff being sold on here, if not cool please delete my post and accept my apologies.


I have some statues that I have collected, used and its time to pass them on.

I had these made my a Singaporean God carver, literally the pics do not do them justice at all. I ended up paying roughly 2k for all of them after shipping so I hope some of you can realize this is a really good deal, I just need to find them a good home whether they are used for worship or decoration they are so beautiful I would like to see them treated properly.


Hsuan tien Shang Ti (Xuan Wu) Great lord of the North, Saint of Wudang, Saint of Martiality, reincarnate of Jade Emperor, second in heaven - absolutely stunning, metal 7 star sword, roughly 18" tall






Chui Tien Hsuan Nu (Xuan Nu) Great Lady of the Ninth Heaven, teacher to the Yellow Emperor, teacher of all sword skills, great meditator, savior and creator of the modern world, one of the original beings - never human.





Tai-i Tien tsun (Taiyi), Great lord of Salvation, before time ruler of heaven, Taoist equivalent to Kuan Yin but higher, Ritual master, guide, master meditator, Lord of the evening star, medical advisor to the Yellow Emperor, Equal only to the Jade Emperor.






If interested contact me directly - [email protected], 10% of the sale will go straight to this sight as a contribution.

Looking for $400 each, or buy all three for $1000 or make an offer - you will not insult me.


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