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Jasen B


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I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week. This is Jasen sizzling in the warm state of Arizona. I recently found this forum when catching up on readings. I have a wide background of competitive martial arts / sport karate, wrestling/grappling, sport acro, gymnastics, and partner stunting to name some of the physical skill sets. I have always been successful utilizing the focus and discipline developed at an early age of training. I found internal energy arts some 15 years ago and have learned what I could on my own. I am passionately absorbing as much as I can regarding qi gong, chi kung/nei kung and internal cultivation. Many of you have a wealth of knowledge. I will spend the next few week on the forums reading. Should you have any first readings you would recommend as strong foundation material and or a focused path, I would love to chat!


I do have questions regarding some of the experiences I have had over the years to shed more light on my path. Also, should anyone be in Arizona, let me know!

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