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Nǐmen Hǎo

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Hey Dao Bums,


Dropping the intro in, been using the board occasionally to check stuff out, thought i might as well jump in to the soup.


My main passion is cultivating consciousness, currently through an intense interest in and fusion of Taoist, Tantric and Hermetic Internal Arts.


My background highlights:

18 years of actively trying to work out how to drive this body and consciousness thing i'm in.

8 years training in Tai Ji Chuan, Wu Gong and Judo with Professor Lun Wong in Melbourne

4 years intensive practice with Ipsalu Tantra (now a teacher)

Exploring Healing Dao and Hua Ching Ni on and off for 10 years or so

1 year of practising WuJi Gong pretty intensively

Currently wrapping my brain around New Hermetics and Western Magical practices.


Looking forward to being a Tao Bum!

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