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Enlivening the Connective Tissue Matrix


Dr. James Oschman in his articles and book Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis -- writes about the Connective Tissue Matrix [1] [2] [3]. Oschman also calls this "the living matrix".


The matrix: There is a web or matrix of collagen connective tissue (fascia) that is completely interwoven with all the body cells, tissues, and organs. Cells are not "bags of fluid", but instead contain intelligent cytoskeletons in both the cell body and nucleus that are woven into this whole body web. Inter and intracellular processes are facilitated by this network which moves, positions and transports various cell components.


The network: The web provides not only physical stability and structure, but also is believed to be the ground matrix for a high speed signaling network using biophotons and electromagnetics transmitted by liquid crystaline structures in the collagen. These structures actually form the basis and wiring for what is known as the Chinese acupuncture point and meridian system. For example, it is well known that the electrical resistance between classically established acupuncture points is less than that of surrounding skin areas. This living matrix then is channeling information as well as "chi" or lifeforce.


Age related changes: In the natural progress of time, collagen fibers and webs develop tangles and less orderly structure. This impedes the flow of chi and information throughout the body. In the last ten years or so, some dramatic new techniques have been discovered that break through the tangles and allow the fascia to reorganize itself and reopen chi to flow at full volume again. These techniques are Self Myofascial Release and the Meridian Flexibility System, discussed further below. The section following that then mentions Qigong, which circulates chi through the meridian system. The analogy would be in "cleaning out the pipes" of the meridian system, and then turning on a powerful pump to flow more energy through the pipes (qigong).

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