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5 elements meditation

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The 5 elements are one.


Only one may understand them with relaxation and then through relative perspective. Sitting within the essence of them, they begin to expand and contract, making connections in new ways.


One element is nothing without the other 4! Nothing without heaven and earth, as well! There are infinite ways to understand their application, and infinte ways to understand their cycles. Both destructive and creative! The goal is to keep it creative by observing and correcting the destruction.


For example, say I am worried that I have too much fire element? I would look at this by talking to the elements. Perhaps they will tell me to use less tree element in my life and more water to balance this problem. Perhaps to acheive this I will need to breath deeper (metal/gold) into my kidneys/water element and thus be more grounded/earth element so that heaven chi comes down stronger from the heart into the kidneys. Now, of course, I would need a way to tell when the balance is fixed, so that then I could reevaluate the situation! So, for example, perhaps I would recognize that adequite heavenly chi has descended from the fire/upper world and gone down, now I would be ready for the kan and li coupling or other practices. :lol:

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