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I saw this coming...

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About a week or so before the HT board crashed I kept getting this thought. " What if the HT people pull the plug? Then all these guys who have been chatting for better or worse might lose that. It would really be much better to create an independant site where people can talk about whatever they want."


I was also a little concerned that certain Plato..who are more than a little vocal about there dissatisfaction with the Chia's system might not find it easier and better for all concerned to express himself on his own discussion rather than constantly have to dis the people who's site we are using.


Anyway, I thought about it a bunch of times right before the crash happened on there and was thinking of putting the idea forward but I was just to busy with work and school for it. So here, a few short weeks later, someone else has done exactly what I was thinking about.


Good job!

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