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The Healing Love

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Spiritual Teachings that you could Never Imagine,

The Gravity, that would be known as the End of Creation,

And we ask ourselfs...


We believe...

That all this Chaos,

And Autrocity,

Can All be traced back,

To One Single Event...

Of known???



And Silence was upon you,

I whispered in your Soul.

Then I kissed your mind,

For all Eternity...

We melted away,

In an Erotic Dream...


Suddenly... a Flash of Light,

Within me,

As I merge into your Love,

There is No Place,

Nor Time...


But for me,

In you...


I find Peace.


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Last night I was chilling with some people who had just snorted coke. At the time I did not know they had. However, i was feeling a strong blissful energy and all of a sudden someone mentioned it.


The subtle body orgasms are capable of infinite flowage it seems. I feel bad for my friends who resort to hard drugs for this feeling, but I think that they will, one day, wake up to see the light if it is indeed the true light of bliss...its just a reflection.

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ITs funny because we were in a room that was all red. Then we passed around water and people started getting like shocked by the energy of the water, they were like "what is going on here?" literaly.


...could have hooked up with this really cute say 9 out of 10 (sorry I dont like to rate girls but it happens) although I was just like, why put in the effort to play beer pong with her?


Life is weird. And also I was feeling like her energy would not be pure pure and might bring me down, unless she did taoist meditation, or perhaps chi nei tsang! Is that weird? If I could go back, I would have made the move perhaps, oh well :) No I wouldnt have! Because I didnt! No regrets...future is bright. :D

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