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  1. Hello! I am interested in any guidelines you can post here from ashrams, meditation centers, (Eastern type) monasteries, The kind of guidelines you might find in a "Welcome to the Yin Yan Monastery" Please read the following guidelines before entering the main buildings. You are expected to know and understand these guidelines and if you have any questions or if you are from the media please contact: Lilian Johnson at the reception desk or call 888-999-111 ===== If you can post links or whole brochures or complete guidelines that would be excellent - You can leave in all the details or delete particulars if you think that is needed or wanted - I am not interested in contacting the sources but in the content of the guidelines. Also - you may just want to add some "good" idea that you saw in one that you had not thought of. As an example I had never seen this before and thought that - given the space - it was a very good idea - I saw this posted outside all the bathrooms: Shoes required - no bare feet allowed In another one it asked those entering to take a deep breath and collect their space and be mindful of their energy before entering the main halls. In some places they require "modest dress" and outline various un-modest dress that is not as obvious to some such as No Tank Tops, armless shirts, uncovered belly buttons - and many many ask that no perfumes or scents are worn. At one small ashram of nine living quarters the occupants are required to be Vegan. I am not interested in judgements on any of this - just what you have seen and can share - I am trying to put together a data base of guideline material that is out there being used. Thank you in advance for all of your input!