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  1. Dear Dao Bums, I will share my experience with Master Zhongxian Wu (known as Master Wu). I will share my experiences in the following points: 1) Overview of what of his qigong I've done 2) General overview of my impression of his systems 3) Big positive suprises with his system 4) Small negative aspects I've noticed over the years 5) Summary 6) Conclusion Overview of his qigong I've done I've practiced many of his forms and meditations, namely: a) fire dragon meridian qigong, b ) shamanic cosmic orbit qigong, c) talisman qigong and healing, d) TuGuNaXing ("blow out the old, take in the new" which is his preferred alchemical meditation), e) Stretching exercises for acheiving the lotus position f) and many more General overview of his systems He teaches different systems, namely: a) Emei Qigong b ) Dai Xin Yi c) Tai Ji d) Wudang Dragon Gate The Emei is more "spiritual" in nature in my opinion, as in this school you connect to the lineage through mantras, mudras and talismans, and thereby gain access to universal energy as well as the energy of the lineage. It is then through this connection you further your own energy, by plugging in to a larger container. My impression is that the Wudang Dragon Gate is a more "mainstream" qigong, meaning that it focuses more on stretching and strengthening the physical body, with a heavy focus on the lower dan tien and increasing health and vitality. Big positive surprises with his systems I was very surprised that no matter what he does, it works! Calligraphy, music, mantras, qigong, meditation, drinking tea, no matter what he teaches, there is a large amount of qi transmission taking place. There really is a possibility of cultivating your jing, qi and shen, your body, energy and spirit, through things such as calligraphy, drinking tea, playing music. This was a big positive surprise. The same goes for his healing methods; all these methods can be used for healing as well. And it works! Even though you don't have powerful qi yourself, by connecting to the lineage through mantras, mudras and talismans, you can get extra qi. Small negative aspects I've noticed over the years The first thing is that he doesn't always answer people's questions. This can be very frustrating. It's a two way street: you need to prove yourself to him, only then will he consider your questions. The second thing I've noticed which is very strange, is that people meeting him for the first time tend not to like him. His long time students worship him, because they know he is for real. He has qi, he has knowledge, and if you keep at it, he can really "deliver the goods". However, for some reason, people who don't know him tend to dislike him, e.g. when going to their first course or workshop with him. This is in stark contrast to other spiritual teachers I've met. Here everyone who meets them simply likes them for no reason. Summary He is a legit master, he teaches the real thing, and whatever he teaches works. He has the knowledge, experience, qi, skills, lineage and transmission to take you all the way from the body, to the energy, to the spirit, and to connect with the universe. The negative aspects are that he is quite expensive, can disregard people's questions, people tend not to like him in the beginning, and he surprises everyone with the amounts of meat and alcohol he ingests. Conclusion If you're looking to experience qi directly, his qi transmission is legit. If you're more into the spiritual side of things, go with Emei and learn the mantras, mudras and talismans. If you're more into the physical and vitalizing aspects of qigong, go for his Wudang Dragon Gate Qigong.