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  1. What non supernatural powers do you have?

    I'm good at drawing/cartooning. Good dad. Affectionate lover when I have the opportunity. Run my lawn business well, do quality work and have a great reputation.
  2. Creativity

    I can relate to that.
  3. If you had 1 Week to Live?

    Well, I'd give this girl I really like a biiiiig kiss, then take my whole family on a nice trip to some peaceful island in the south pacific (as long as I can take my doggie with), and on the last day donate as many organs as possible to help others. Pretty easy question!
  4. greetings from Wisconsin my new friends :)

    I'm getting back into taoism, and I thought joining this forum would be both fun and encouraging on my walk through life.
  5. peace, harmony, and girls