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  1. Greetings, as required :)

    Hi ALL, a little about me... I am a little lost and unsure of my place in the scheme of things. I kneel somewhere between Taoism and Buddhism. I am spiritual or philosophical, well a blend of both, but not relgious... I guess the catch call of the lost... Currently I am going through some strange changes - I stopped smoking 6 months ago, and it was not through any "will" or feat of inner strength (though staying of them has taken some strength!), it just sort of happened. The same is happening with coffee... I suffer from depression, and at the moment I cant seem to meditate or practice my Taichi or ChiKung (Taiqiquan/Qi-Gong), but I am "holding on to the threads" and hoping all this change is leading me to a better place where I, not so much "practice" my moving and standing meditations, but remember as the child, how to "play" with them. Hopefully, I am bottoming out, and soon to rise That's more than enough from me for now, I know I may sound a little dark at the moment, but as I continue to change I will update. I am just in a state of change, and this is just an honest summary of my current condition - I hope to update with posative news as time progresses, and it will take time - I'm painfully aware of that. Be well ALL