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  1. weak erection

    mantis: Having read your last post, I realise I may have missunderstood the situtaion. I thought it was drooping due to lack of presure. If it is just downward pointing but hard, does it matter all that much? If you get fully hard and then try to make it twitch by kegaling, you will get an idea of whether kegaling might help. I think that picture was pointing out that the downward pointing cock had very little blood presure, and offered less stimulation to the female. If yours is hard, then it will just bent to the right shape while inserted.
  2. weak erection

    Mantis: While in no way being related to the last replier, I was also thinking kegals are the way to go. I never thought I had an EQ problem... But when I started doing kegals, it became like rock... I found there is no need to go over the top. Every other day is fine, building up a regular routine is key. Please consult an qualified expert for the exact practise, and please report back your results if you take on this or any other practice.
  3. Asking who I am is a bullshit

    "Who am I ?" was popularised by Ramana Maharishi. So it must be borne in mind that the agenda here, is that there is no personal I. The exercise is a trick to cause that realisation to emerge.
  4. Hi from marky

    Cheers all. There is more about me in the personal practise section.
  5. Hi from marky

    Hi, I am Mark. Long term meditator, 41, sex mad, all the usual stuff. Into Zen, Tao, Quantum Mechanics, Jung, ESO etc.