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  1. hello tao bums

    hmm to be honest im a year or two in and only still at the beginning of my path im not really saying i think that the two are perfect mates but i do some commonalities tho this could be true even with very discrepant philosophies... I see both as having a similar view of divinity and a similar out look on the personal connection to divinity they both represent in my mind the path of the god man and transforming yourself to be as your concept of diety is... Right now hermetics is a bit more of an intellectual thing anthropology kinda where as buddhism is more truely where im at spiritualy... Hope thats not to half cocked of an answer id love to hear your thoughts back
  2. Immortals

    i have not read it but i have seen (tho you may have too) a book called "the magus of java" cant remeber the offer but he is supposedly one of these modern immortals if i understood correctly tho again its in my cue not even started it yet..
  3. hello tao bums

    hi it is my pleasure to hve found this community nd i look forward to browsing and hoepfully posting some too.... At this point in my life im attending a buddhist temple... Taking Tai Chi/ Chi Gong... And studying hermetics and western magic as well thanks!