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  1. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    Very cool Stosh. I sell a few pics online... every few months I get a check for $300 from a portfolio of just over 200 pictures. I'm trying to slowly grow the number of files online. I get a huge kick out of seeing sales of my pics. I guess when I say I want to be a professional - I'm more speaking of the quality of work. The big goal is to make enough selling pics to pay for an Alaskan vacation to Katmai and a few other places for my wife and myself... to take pictures of course!
  2. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    Flo - you could have written that about me! Stosh - its a nice pic. I'm trying to transition from amateur to pro photography. I'm at the limit equipment wise before starting to step into the really expensive stuff. Lately I've been so busy with work that I've barely taken any pictures at all.
  3. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    Sounds like a Midwesternlark... maybe a Nebraskan? Did you take the photo?
  4. Motivation

    Clarity - I don't know... what motivated you to reply to this thread? What motivated Lao Tzu to write? I would argue that without motivation there is only stillness and inaction. Neither of which pay the bills.
  5. Motivation

    I am curious about any Taoist thoughts on personal motivation What are your thoughts on the relationship of Taoism and motivation? Also - What are some things that motivate you? The only constant is change - and I've been discovering that many of my past motivations that have caused me to make some lasting decisions have shifted and I'm starting to doubt the path I've walked even though some steps taken can't be unwalked.
  6. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    Nice Meadowlark. What you recommend I look into? Thanks for the E. Burton, marbles. I consider him a punk rocker a generation ahead of his time. I totally dig their version of 'Paint It Black.'
  7. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    Thank you gentlemen for your thoughtful replies. After reading through a few threads on this forum I must say the diversity of backgrounds and in thought is staggering. Its fun that the first two people to reply to me share, between them, my math and my military background! As far as my abyss... military stuff, wife fighting cancer, daughter born allergic to my best friend (dog) and losing a childhood mentor (grandfather) - all at the same time. But it largely ends well - Army stuff is something I have a support network for, wife beat her 'unbeatable' form of cancer, dog has a great new home, and the last loss is something I can look back and be happy I had... I literally am standing outside of where I was. Yet I struggle greatly with mentally being outside of it. The docs available to me have many patients still in crisis and I'm not comfortable taking their limited availability - or they want to medicate. Anyway - glad I found this forum! Marbles - did the chaplains got as far on your nerves as they do mine!?
  8. What?! Me... A Taoist?

    I've accused myself and been accused by others as being a Taoist... I have a trouble with this since I usually have trouble identifying with a religion or even a philosophy. In searching for information on Taoism... in myself, or from my unsuccessful quest to consult others - all I end up with are more questions. I've read a few translations of the Tao Te Ching a few other writings... and enjoy and identify with what I have read. I suppose a large appeal is that in questioning most of what I have read and a propensity to take what I feel fits and discard the rest is a pretty Taoist way of looking at Taoism. I've spent plenty of years hangin' with the Christians, esp. Catholics, have also spent some time researching Buddhism and have researched a few Western philosophers. But... I am riddled with doubt about myself. I get it, the label doesn't really matter... but lately I've felt pretty lost - shaken in confidence after a series of unfortunate events. While the conditions under which these events have occurred have improved, diminished or been eliminated - and their effects are gone. Except I seem to lack the ability to get back to my normal, optimistic self. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. So, I guess I am looking for a label to focus on and to start moving forward from the abyss. Here are some broadnesses about me that may shed some light: I am obsessed with contradictions and compliments... I take great pleasure in trying to understand something by focusing on its opposite. This works for me - I am a mathematician. While I am open-minded in most things - there are many topics that I am completely closed-minded in. This also works for me - I am an active duty member of the US military. I like following silly maxims... at least silly to everyone else - but they really motivate me: Examples: I don't believe in fate, fortune, luck or divine providence: I am the master of my own destiny (totally fun to say I don't believe in fate but then talk about destiny). When doing, assure its better than if you were not doing. I also get a thrill out of making up new words to describe ideas or using inappropriate words... it gets the grammar Nazis wound up... but heck, I can't out English them but I did trick them into thinking on my terms for a little bit. So... I suppose I am here to look into a few topics: Can my half-assed take on Taoism be Tao? What are some other's views on Taoism as it relates to confidence, resilience, happiness and motivation? Anyway - I appreciate any thoughts!