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  1. HELPp!

    Check out this video.What I understand from this video is that the ideal would be to have sex with love,but when you do have sex without love you still get more energy but it is polluted
  2. HELPp!

    Yes i know that sex burns calories,but for example yesterday i had sex but didnt ejaculate and today i had a soccer game I m feeling drainedd
  3. HELPp!

    Hi, my name is Hector. I recently starded doing semen retention (currently on day 16) but I am having sex with a girl with deep breathing and without ejaculating,on the other hand, I have the opportunity to have sex with other girls,but i don't know if I should do it, so I'm very concern about how can this affect me .To clarify things a little bit more, I don't love any of this girls(including the one that I'm having sex with) in the way a husband loves his wife( very deep love) but I do enjoy their company.I guess that this is what people call friends with benefits.Obviously I do lust over them but lust is not the main reason of mi intentions, my main intention would be enjoying the moment and getting to know more how girls work but must of all my major focus is on getting the best levels of energy that I possibly can. So the direct questions would be. 1-Can having sex with my friend with benefits affect my energy in a bad way? 2-How would promiscuity affect my energy?
  4. Challenge 2013... MEN ONLY

    I'm doing this too.What do you think about posting our results from this practice.
  5. Motivated new member

    Hi, my name is Hector.I'm suscribing to this forum with the porpouse of making new friends with whom I'll be able to share experiences about The Tao and other practices. Right now I'm practicing semen retention (currently on day 14) along with daily meditation.I added meditation because without it ,semen retetion seemed impossible to accomplish. I'll be posting another post expading the previous paragraph in another section.