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  1. Did you know you absorb more *CHLORINE* from a 10-minute-shower than from 8 glasses of tap water? Chlorine was *TOXIC CHEMICAL* used in WW1! I dug up some info on how to protect yourself/your kids: There's also a great link on that site about a product called Tao salt, which is the answer to table salt (NaCl, sodium chloride) causing all kinds of health issues.
  2. Taoist Salt

    ya, Himalayan salt is a very pure form of Tao salt. You can learn more about it here, I found more info:
  3. Taoist Salt

    I found another video about it on YouTube: - Tao Salt vs. Ordinary Salt vs. Sea Salt
  4. Hello

    Hey, I am a non-denominational Buddhist/Taoist currently living in New Orleans and loving it! I just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks, and have a great day!