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  1. My life leading to this point.

    well im technically in Capoeira. im learning all i can on kung fu i have been doing this for some time now. im interested in mostly Xing yi, hung gar, bagua, tai chi, shaolin boxing. ive also took karate for 2 years but moved. when i move i want to be tought from a teacher on kung fu so it will be nice. im very coordinated and technical, so it all comes easy to me. i knew about Taoism but i never really understood it all. so thats why im here maybe it can help me in my training..
  2. New Life

    hi im new to this. im a practitioer to kung fu, very open about everything. if anyone can please help me understand more of this belief: practices, holidays, goal? any. i am researching but it is better to hear from people. thank you greatly.
  3. My life leading to this point.

    i have been doing some research to this religion. i highly respect it being a practitioner of kung fu, and some other arts. i am here to learn all i can, and hope to unlock my mind to the best of my ability.