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  1. Hi Guys, I'm doing a research study as part of my master's program at Harvard. The topic is ego development, ethics, and engagement in the workplace. I'm looking for experienced meditators to take the survey. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete. If you could help me out that would be great. Survey link: Thanks everyone! Best, Max
  2. Hey all, So I was thinking about oxytocin (the cuddle, love, bonding hormone) after reading a transcript from NICABM about brain science (it was an interview with Norman Doidge, the author of "The Brain that Changes Itself") and there is a hypothesis out there right now that oxytocin helps the brain to rewire, by facilitating "unlearning". The purpose would be when two people meet and fall in love, their brains/minds/personalities need to rewire to better suit each other in order to have a successful long term relationship. The same applies when oxytocin is release in the mother during breast feeding and bonding. Basically oxytocin helps to "loosen up" our wiring and unlearn old patterns so that we can make new connections to support relationships. Then, I thought about how many traditions emphasize love as a way to transform. So, meditating on love might increase our levels of oxytocin if we bring those feelings of love and bonding up, allowing us to "unlearn" our old habits. Just some food for thought. It would be interesting if this was shown to be true, that meditating on love increases oxytocin and that oxytocin actually does help with unlearning.
  3. Holigral

    Hi guys and gals, I'm planning on going to a holigral retreat in may, but need some people who would want to go with me to make it more affordable. They offer a discount for referring. Holigral is a system that uses how we store thoughts and experiences to undo traumas, concepts, expectations, and rules we've learned through out our life (karma) The end result is someone who is free of social conditioning, confident in their life purpose, excellent at interpersonal relationships, and if you want there is implicit shamanism that occurs from being so conscious. I've used some of their free processes to enter a state of flow where everyone felt like another aspect of myself. Not just as an idea, but as the truth. (this only took one hour) I can attest to it's effectiveness but to truly get as much from holigral as possible a 7 day intensive retreat seems to be in order. All of our projections are our own faults, and according to Steven Saunders the founder of holigral, they typically store themselves in 6 or 7 adjacent places in our being. By asking clean non hypnotic questions these constructs can be deconstructed and more life force becomes available. One old member of ttb told me after his retreat 20 minutes a day is all he spent to stay in his enlightened state including all his siddhis. Steve says once the work is complete you can re enter the matrix of life with new purpose, be a laughing Buddha, or explore all the other realms of existence. Zero suffering, all flow seems to be the holigral way. Check out for more information. I'd love if any of you would come with me. Thank you Max Ps. Its in Mexico. 1.5 hrs north of Mexico city. 3500 usd for everything minus the flight.
  4. Quick Kunlun question

    You can keep your hand over the centerline and drop your elbow to a relaxed position. Almost like your arms are floppy. This is the way Max taught us at a seminar. Once movement starts you can let go of the posture and just allow the practice to do it's work and then come back to the posture if it feels right.
  5. Everyone needs to eat especially when you have a lovely family. Hope all is going well for you my friend. -Max
  6. Very cool. Thank you very much Smile. Just one more thing. What percentage of effort am I supposed to push my hands together/flex my body? Do it everyday? Thanks
  7. Any more info on this? How to position elbows, which way to flex legs, any point of focus. This sounds very cool, such a simple thing to build what sounds like great internal/external power. Tried this for like 5 minutes , quite a challenge
  8. why do you not want to stay in college? who is paying for it? could you have a job if you werent in school? what would do you really want to do? what are you studying? how many years have you been in college?
  9. My Alchemy

    Very Cool! Did you learn this somewhere or is this your own ? How long have you been at it? Positive effects/noticeable changes?
  10. Transcendent Being

    why the new account?? any experiences with the techniques from the book?
  11. Mirror Meditation

    This is based on personal experimenting, not a learned technique One cool thing you can do with a mirror is turn the lights down or off but have some light coming in from another room then look at yourself in the mirror. Focusing past your body. Shadows will start to appear and it looks like your body is disappearing. If you can let go enough your body will be totally gone and only a bright outline will remain. This has only worked for me once, the shadows aren't too hard to get but I haven't been able to get the color outline to work more than once. When it did happen only a flouresant blue outline was left even when I closed my eyes it was still there. Works well in a bathroom with lights out and door mostly closed