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  1. why are you into this stuff?

    The mind always yearns for something beyond the normal experiences of daily life..Magic, occult, siddhis and even religious practices are creations of such mind. With change in technology and media (TV and internet) the people are increasingly aware of many belief systems including occult, but the depth in a particular system (even religion) has reduced.
  2. Truth & Perception

    First of all, being a humble beginner at Taobums, thanks for repllies..They were truly at another level. Also agree with the below point. Matter it seems, is just a vibration of energy within the probable space. Even as per Heisenberg's theory, perceptions seem to change the observed result. Well since the whole of existence is questioned here, maybe there are infinite timelines and universes indeed. :-) '''''''''Nik''''''''''''''
  3. Truth & Perception

    After much brain stroming, I find one underlying cause from which most of the dis-agreements arise. It is the ability to distinguish Truth from its perception of it. It is like distinguishing sun from its reflection. A note from my scientific mind: Take a wave for example. A clear note of single pitch. When I want to draw it in a surface, it can be represented as a train of sinusoidal waveforms running across time-domain. But the same wave reduces to just a point when is drawn in the frequency-domain. Both represent the same wave and the experience of it remains the same, but expressed differently. The truth remains the same, but the expression differs. So also my friends, all the books and teachings about reality and existence of God or void are nothing but convenient means of expressing the HIDDEN which is anyway beyond words. We can take our perception of it based on teachings by various teachers to get a better grip/sense but beyond that everything is unxeplainable and has to be experienced. ,,,,,,,Nik,,,,,,,,,,