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  1. Hi Sinan, Sorry I've just seen you have posted the videos..
  2. I came across a book called 'Journey of Souls' written by a psychologist who did past life regression on his patients and he mentions that the purpose is to grow our soul and living a life on earth is one of the ways in which we do this. From what I understood from his book it seems that we are all trying to remember the truth and by over coming obstacles here on earth we grow our soul and become a more enlighted being. We may need several lifetimes to get over anger or some other negative emotion. The conditions in the soul realm are not so conducive for this because everything is seems so wonderful. The motivation is greater on earth. The book seems similar to the videos that Sinan saw and the funning thing is, is that all the people interviewed say the same things. Sinan it would be great if you post a link to the videos. Personally though I can't remember ever having being a light being in the astral world.
  3. Great Stuff on this website

    Thanks very much...hopefully I can have a couple of my questions answered..
  4. ...

    Hi Safi, I would just like to say that you've given me inspiration through you regular postings. I can see that there is indeed great benefit in abstaining from regular sexual activity whether it is physical or mental. I am only now beginning to realise this not just intellectually but experientially. However, it is not easy especially if you have a girlfriend or a wife. My situation is like that. I still have sex with my partner but don't always release and am hoping that one day I can prolong this for a much longer period of time. I already see a great benefit in my energy and health when I refrain from my animal instinct. My meditation practice is also...well different. I am also much more aware of the story in my head and what I think about. My goal is to use my mind only when it is necessary and the occasion calls for it. Anyway, just thought I'd tell you that your postings are much appreciated and I look forward to your next installment. Cheers
  5. Great Stuff on this website

    Hello! So I'm new to this website but not exactly new to some of the things that are discussed here. I've practiced Qigong meditation and also Vipassana. I enjoy knowing how my mind works and am naturally interested in pyschology and NLP I've read lots of books and I like Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle and Lestor Levenson. I have learnt a lot from them but this knowledge is intellectual. I am beginning to realise that no matter how many books I read it's not going to help unless I practice what I read. As a result I am reading less and experimenting more. My current meditation practice is free flowing and is not based on any one technique. It is just an acceptance of what least that's the idea! Normal Guy